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CMG Trustee Election – Candidate’s profile: Ana Chang

Ana Chang and I am running for Trustee of the Canadian Media Guild
Ana Chang

My name is Ana Chang and I am running for Trustee of the Canadian Media Guild.

I am a member under the CBC Branch. Within CBC Toronto, I hold the position of Finance Specialist. During my career at CBC, I have over 15 yearsin Finance in News Production Services, CBC Studios, and Supply Management.

Along with my CBC Finance career, my academic training for the Trustee position comes from my current studying of Accounting these last few years towards the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. Recently, I completed an Auditing course through the Accounting programat University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies. Accounting knowledge is a key cornerstone of Auditing, and it is with this experience that I will be able to carry out that required function as a Trustee.

As a Trustee, in accordance with CMG bylaws, I will be reviewing our Union’s finances and examining key financial decision making along with the studying of the books, records, minutes, and all assets. Also, I shall closely examine many of the various other activities of the CMG, including the commitments made through motions at meetings and conventions.

I have a strong work ethic, attention to detail, critical thinking, problem solving abilities and excellent communication skills in order to fulfill the responsibilities of this most important role.

Over the years I have relied on our Union for support and representation. I am running for this position in order to give back and support my fellow union members.

Please consider me for this position

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