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Join a CMG national committee

Want to get involved directly in CMG activities? Consider joining one of our national committees. You don’t have to have specific experience ? just some interest in the topic. Most committees meet primarily by phone but occasionally they have in-person meetings, usually in Toronto. We’re looking for members for the following committees:

1. Equity and Human Rights: Members from each branch of the CMG come together in this committee to identify and work against discrimination in our workplaces and our union and to examine media issues from the perspective of people of colour, people with disabilities, Aboriginal people, women and lesbian/gay/bi/trans people.

2. Advocacy: This committee plans external campaigns focused on media or other issues relevant to our members at all branches (CBC, The Canadian Press, Freelance, Reuters, CW Television (formerly Alliance Atlantis), Private Radio, S-Vox and the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network).

3. Communications: This committee discusses the most effective?ways?the Guild?can use to communicate with members, including issues of tone, frequency, method?and strategy.

4. Grants & Donations: This committee considers all requests by members for grants to professional conferences/workshops and requests for donations for other organizations, in accordance with the union’s policies.

5. New Members: Whether you’re new to the union, or have been around for awhile and have ideas on how to better engage new and younger members, the New Members Committee needs you. Help make sure the needs of our newer/younger members are being met.

6. Investment: This committee oversees the union’s investments in the Defence Fund, in accordance with the Socially Responsible Investment guidelines for Ethical Investments, developed by the CMG.

If you would like to join a committee, please send us your name, where you work, what committee you would like to sit on, and a brief note about why you’re interested to info@cmg.ca. If you would like to chat further about participating on a committee, please contact Lise Lareau, national president, at lise@cmg.ca or 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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