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Candidates’ Biogs – 2014 CWA|SCA Canada and CWA meetings

Here are the biographical notes for CMG members applying to the position of delegates to the CWA and CWA convention and meetings. Only biogs from candidates who provided information are posted below.

rob-ballantyne-photoRobert Ballantyne

It’s vital to send young, informed and socially-connected voices to our CWA Conventions.
For two terms, I have served as a strong national voice for new and young media
workers as the Director of New Members (National Executive Committee).

As for my work experience, I have been with the CBC for seven years, mostly as
a digital producer with a number of programs such as the fifth estate,
Marketplace, The National and The Nature of Things. I first joined the Canadian
Media Guild in 2002, and have been an active elected official since 2008.

If selected as your candidate, I would also pledge to provide constant
real-time reporting of the convention via Twitter @popjournalism and on a
specially-created website.

If you have any questions — about my candidacy or any other CMG-related issue
— please contact me via email: rob@popjournalism.ca

Stephanie Charbonneau

I am the new local CMG Vice-President for the administration group in Ottawa and I would like to attend the conference to gain as much knowledge as possible to help and assist our members in my new role. Thanks.

060310_Michael_100Michael D’Souza

It was only   June 2013 that you voted me the vice president of your union, the CBC Branch   of the Canadian Media Guild. That was a by-election and so, I again asked for   your support at the end of 2013. This time I was acclaimed for a full   three-year term.

I’m now   running to represent you at the higher levels of your union. The Canadian   Media Guild is part of CWA/SCA Canada which includes other unions, primarily   at newspapers, across Canada. CWA, or the Communication Workers of America,   includes unions in various communications industries across North America. I   have been elected to attend meetings at these levels over the years. They are   useful and are usually a lot of work.

The challenge facing us is looking after the needs of you, our members, in a shrinking industry. And we must find ways of addressing the needs of workers in the communication industry not members of the union movement, such as freelancers and people working in social media.

My extensive experience as an activist in the union will be useful in addressing those matters. That experience includes positions at the local, national and international levels of the union. I’ve posted more information, including a union resume, on my website http://tinyurl.com/DSOUZA-CMG.

Matt Douglas

I’m brand new to being the Branch President at Zoomermedia and believe I should be using my position to help better the lives of ALL Canadians.

I would like to get a  Solidartiy program off the ground and want to use our partnership with CWA and CWA Canada to move it forward. I believe that if we can improve our image to the everyday Canadian; that we are out to work for everyone that it will create a better view of unions and thus helping increase our membership and revenue.

A close working partnership in a solidarity program creates better inner relations with our unions, can immensely improve the lives of those we help, create media coverage if we run a charity drive and could possibly strengthen our relations with our prospective employers. The better people we are, the easier it is to help out our members in times of crisis. Vote for me, so I can help those who can’t help themselves.

Glen Guerin

Building bridges with members, managers and organizations is a part of what I do for CMG-CBC Toronto. I have created many events, designed many posters and got the word out. I have been a CMG Local Director for over 10 years: Health and Safety, Communication, Diversity; also the Health & Safety Policy Committee for four years working together with all unions within CBC. I will work hard to represent you.

Saalem Humayun

My name is Saalem Humayun. I am a Media Librarian in Ottawa and I wish to represent the local Ottawa branch of the CMG by attending the CWA and CWA Canada conventions, and in order to do so I need your vote.

Why vote for me?

Because I believe the union needs new people in order to have growth and renewal. Since getting recently involved in the CMG, I have attended two courses on dispute resolution and have volunteered to become the shop steward for archives. I hope to increase my contribution and involvement over the coming years.  My approach to union work is to strive towards better member integration, by increasing communications, by building bridges and fostering a sense of collaboration. My goal is to help create a sense of community among members of different working groups.

What do I hope to get from the CWA convention?

I hope to bring back a richer and more comprehensive understanding of how we can continue to foster an innovative and creative environment, to learn skills and stay current as a public information service as we transition through an evolving media environment. I hope to present and exchange ideas with members of our parent unions, and meeting and collaborating with some of the senior staff members of the union at these conventions presents a unique opportunity for succession planning as some of these members retire in the future.

I hope to return from the CWA convention with new knowledge and a developing skill set that can help address and resolve issues and challenges at CBC Radio-Canada here in Ottawa for many years to come.

Tamir Kojfman

I have been working with and for our members as a Scheduler in Media Production Services for CBC Toronto since 2007. Supporting our department’s technician & associate director schedules, with sensitivity to turnaround and work/life balance issues. I have been a go-to resource for our department for most scheduling concerns for staff and non-staff.

As someone who was temporary for a number of years, I am also sensitive to the needs of our growing group of temporary members and their concerns. I have become more involved in the Guild as a volunteer on committees, helping the membership where I can, and I want to do more to help and bring fresh ideas to job evaluation, collective agreement concerns, and other CMG issues. I now have the honour of starting my role as Chief Steward on the Local Executive Committee for CBC Toronto and look forward to continuing my support of CMG members.

With your vote, I hope to represent the CMG as a delegate at the CWA/SCA Canada convention in order to learn more about Union Rights in Canada and the impacts on our various industries. I also hope to network with other CSA/SCA Canada members and share stories and insights to bring back to CBC Toronto and the CMG as a whole.

Lise Lareau

Thanks for taking the time to vote for who represents CMG at its ‘parent’ unions over the next 3 years.  Why it’s important to vote is that the people who go to these CWA Canada and CWA meetings represent you; and act as a link between these levels of the union to which you belong.  They are the voice for CMG in those rooms and in turn, they bring back decisions from those rooms to CMG.

So I suggest you vote for people you think are most appropriate — and in a position — to be that link.  I put forward my name because I’ve been president of CMG for about a decade and now serve as national vice-president.  I understand all of our workplaces at CBC, CP, Zoomer, APTN, Shaw, Thomson Reuters, TVO, tfo, CKOI and our newest unit at MBS radio as much or more than anyone.  Plus I understand the politics of the ‘parent’ unions very well.

In addition I have been working actively on bringing CMG representation to freelance and other non-permament media workers to increase our collective strength in an industry that is changing daily.  I bring that voice to the table in all parts of the union.

Thanks again for your consideration.

MPLMarc-Philippe Laurin

I have recently been re-elected as CBC Branch President for a fourth consecutive term. As president for the past 7 years and member of the National Executive, I have worked with Both Guild representatives as well as representatives from the CWA and CWA-SCA-Canada over my time in office.

The media world and industry is changing even more rapidly than most expected with the advent of new and user friendly technologies that are impacting how, where and when we do the work work we do in our respective employers, no to mention the ever growing consolidation of media outlets under fewer owners.  We, the Guild, are part of a very large organization that tackle these important issues with earnest and resolve.  Our local needs strong voices to speak on behalf of you and I on these issues.

I have been a regular delegate to the upper level conferences over my terms as CBC president and NEC member and am looking to be part of the Guild team that will be present in your name at these conferences.  Thank you for your consideration.

Harry Mesh

Having served as an alternate delegate during the last term, I was pleased to have the opportunity to attend one of these conventions. I found it quite informative around the larger issues the labour movement faces, and would like to have the opportunity to continue to attend over the upcoming term to represent CMG members. Current and past CMG experience includes:

In 7th year as Atlantic Director, CBC Branch Past  Location President, Gander/Grand Falls-Windsor Current chair, CBC Branch Bylaws and Policy Committee National Advocacy Committee Bargaining (2008 and 2013), National Joint Committee, National Joint Employment Committee, Financial Review, Committee Review, Convention Review, etc.

I respectfully ask for your support!

Jon Soper

I have served as a CWA delegate for the past three years and also attended conventions and conferences during my terms on the NEC. I have volunteered on a variety of national CMG committees, including National Elections, bylaws, and resolutions for our CMG conventions. If you’ve attended CMG conventions, I’ve been one of the people trying to guide our debates so that the move ahead smoothly.

At the CBC Branch level, I’m a member of the Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits and the English employee representative on the CBC Pension Board of Trustees.

Jonathan Spence
Please click this link: http://www.jonathanspence.ca/

Trevor photoTrevor Squires

I am the sole candidate for the 2014 CWA/SCA conventions from Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut (CBC North).  I work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (North) in Yellowknife since 1998.  I currently sit on the National Executive Committee for the Canadian Media Guild as Trustee in good standing since 2010.  Previous to 2010, I have served the local CMG Union in Yellowknife/Inuvik as Treasurer but have also assisted in other non official capacities in the local since joining CBC North in 1998.

It is of great interest to me to go to the 2014 conventions as a delegate on behalf of CMG.  This opportunity will enable me to observe concerns of other unions in Canada and the United States along with what strategies they are using in these tough economic and uncertain times  to deal with these issues.  The valuable information and knowledge learned will help complement my ability to help others in and out of the workplace in everyday life.  Thank-you in advance for your consideration.

Trevor txt.bell.ca 867.445.5883


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