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Call for Delegates – Represent CMG at national gathering of our union

Dear fellow CMG members,

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) will be sending delegates to a national gathering of our union in early May, in Montreal.

As a CMG member, you may apply to be one of our representatives.

The gathering connects us with CMG’s fellow union Locals in Canada through CWA-Canada’s National Representative Council.

The National Representative Council is the supreme decision-making body of CWA-Canada.

CWA-Canada is our umbrella organization within the Communication Workers of America, the international union of which CMG is a part.

Delegates will serve two year terms and are therefore eligible to attend this year’s meeting and also next year’s meeting.

Half of CMG’s delegates have been selected from among our national executive. The other half are to be selected from among applicants that come forward as a result of this open call to CMG’s membership.

Time-frame and time commitment

CWA-Canada’s National Representative Council meeting will take place in Montreal, May 5-6, 2017.

The meeting starts Friday, May 5 at 9:00 am and ends on Saturday, May 6 at 5:00 pm.

Delegates will also be expected to attend two preparatory CMG conference calls prior to the May meeting.

Costs related to attendance will be paid by our union, including time needed away from work to attend the Council, if any.

Please send me a note at kam (at) cmg.ca if you would like to attend the CWA-Canada National Representative Council as a delegate on behalf of CMG.

A subcommittee of CMG’s national executive will review delegate applications and we will let you know who has been selected.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, March 28, at 5:00 pm E.T.

When submitting your application please answer the following questions:

1. Why would you like to serve as a CMG delegate to the CWA-Canada National Representative Council?

2. What perspective or experience would you bring to your role as a CMG delegate?

3. What union positions(s) do you currently hold, if any?

4. How are you connected as a member to CMG? With which branch or employer group are you affiliated?

With thanks, and in solidarity,

Kamala Rao
Canadian Media Guild
Email – kam (at) cmg.ca

The Canadian Media Guild is a democratic trade union that represents over 5000 members across Canada, including employees at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/ Société Radio-Canada, The Canadian Press and Pagemasters North America, Thomson Reuters, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, TVO, TFO, Corus, VICE, Zoomer TV, AFP, in private radio, as well as media freelancers.cwa

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