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CLC Convention – Submit your application

The CMG National Executive Committee (NEC) has decided to send up to four (4) delegates to the Canadian Labour Congress Convention that will take place in Montreal, in May.

If you would like to represent our union at this gathering of the broader Canadian union movement, please submit your name to info@cmg.ca
(Indicate “CLC Convention 2023” in the subject line).

Interested members must answer the three questions below in their application email (maximum 500 words):

  1. Why do you wish to attend the upcoming CLC convention?
  2. To which forum and/or caucus do you plan to participate at the Convention?
  3. How will you ensure your participation benefits your fellow CMG members?

The selected delegates will be required to share what they learned with other CMG members in a blog to be posted on the CMG Website.

The deadline to apply is Monday, March 27, 2023 at 5 p.m. ET

Find out more about the CLC Convention 2023 here.

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