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CMG Convention 2018 – Call for proposed bylaw amendments or resolutions

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is holding our 2018 pan-Guild biennial convention this upcoming May 25, 26, and 27, in Toronto. Every two years, a large group of CMG members gathers at the convention to meet and consider our needs and priorities as a union organization.

The work of the national convention includes reviewing our union Local’s financial and administrative activities, fostering communication and understanding between various CMG Branches and regions, as well as discussing resolutions and proposed amendments to our bylaws.

The deadline for submitting proposed bylaw amendments is Friday, March 23 at 5 p.m. ET.

Proposing resolutions and bylaw amendments

Any member in good standing of CMG can put forward a bylaw amendment or resolution, whether or not they plan to attend the convention.

A bylaw amendment changes the basic rules that our union has set to govern itself. For example: “I move that bylaw 13.1 be amended to read “…every THREE years or when special circumstances warrant.” (Click here to see the current CMG bylaws.)

A resolution directs our union to take a position on an issue or undertake a specific task. For example: “Be it resolved that the Canadian Media Guild lobby all federal political parties to support public broadcasting in Canada.”

A resolution or a bylaw amendment can be focused on the Canadian Media Guild as a whole, or on a specific Branch alone, such as the CBC Branch or TFO Branch. (Please see: CBC Branch Bylaws, and TFO Branch Bylaws.)

Bylaw amendments and resolutions must not contravene the Constitution and Bylaws of CWA Canada or the Constitution of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), our wider union organizations.

A resolution passes at the convention if a simple majority (i.e., more than half of the delegates voting) votes in favour. Bylaw amendments must pass by a two-thirds majority.

Bylaw amendments that deal with dues, or with the amending process itself, can’t be passed at the convention and must be submitted to a referendum of the full membership.

Please submit your resolutions or bylaw amendments here: http://www.cmg.ca/en/resolutions-form/

Again, the deadline for submitting bylaw amendments is Friday, March 23 at 5 p.m. ET.

In addition to bylaw amendments, members are also encouraged to submit their resolutions by Friday, March 23, but resolutions can be made any time up to and including at the convention. Resolutions received after Friday, March 23 will be dealt with in the order received and only if time permits.

Proposed bylaw amendments and resolutions received by Friday, March 23 will be circulated to all members by Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

With best wishes, in solidarity,
Kamala Rao
President, Canadian Media Guild

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