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CMG delegates to the CWA Convention elected

CMG members elected nine (9) of our co-workers this week to represent us at the upcoming CWA convention in Las Vegas, from July 29-33, 2019 .

Here are the 9 candidates who will join CMG President, Kamala Rao, at this gathering:

Nathalie Bastien CBC/Radio-Canada Ottawa
Carrie (May) Bradshaw CBC/Radio-Canada Toronto
Hyungwon Kang Thomson-Reuters Toronto
Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs APTN Yellowknife
Jonathan Spence CBC/Radio-Canada Toronto
Trevor Squires CBC/Radio-Canada Yellowknife
Charmaine Straker APTN Winnipeg
Kim Trynacity CBC/Radio-Canada Edmonton
Gerry Whelan Freelance Branch

The vote took place online from Wednesday, June 27 starting at 9 a.m. ET through to Tuesday, July 2 at midnight, E.T.

Congratulations to our union’s delegates, and to everyone who was nominated and took part in the election.

The biennial CWA Convention connects us to fellow union members across North America, including other journalists and media workers, and provides an opportunity to share information, build solidarity, and strategize on matters of mutual concern. The convention is also an important venue for the governance of our international union.

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