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Convention delegate election results

We would like to congratulate the following Canadian Media Guild members who were elected this week as delegates to the upcoming TNG/CWA, CWA and TNG Canada conventions. The list includes representatives from four Guild branches, as set out in our original election announcement of March 9.

Barbara Saxberg ? CBC
Carol Burtin Fripp ? TVO
Pierre Claveau ? CBC
Percy Hatfield ? CBC
Scott Edmonds ? CP/BN
Joe Hill ? CBC
Brendan Elliott ? CBC
Carrie May ? CBC
Victoria Hantzantoniou ? Reuters

The top six from the above list, representing three branches, will also serve as delegates to the TNG Canada convention later this summer.

Many thanks to the members who voted in the election.

Respectfully submitted,

CMG National Elections Committee
Bob Fisher
Ori Siegel
Christina Sorensen
Keith Maskell, CMG Staff Representative

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