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New information on CWA convention / Union Meetings – Nomination period reopened

Dear CMG members,

It has come to our attention that, at their convention in April, the CWA Canada National Representative Council (NRC) might tackle issues regarding the future of CWA Canada. With this new information, the CMG National Executive Congress (NEC) has concluded it’s our duty to ensure the best representation possible of our members at that important convention.

Full representation of CMG members

As a result, during our meeting this past weekend, the CMG NEC decided to send our full complement of 13 delegates along with CMG president Annick R. Forest to the CWA Canada National Representative Council convention to be held in Vancouver April 28-29.

We will also endeavour to reach our goal of having members from at least 5 CMG Branches amongst those 14 delegates.

New nominations and elections timelines

Therefore, the CMG NEC is reopening the nomination period for delegates to the CWA Canada NRC and other union conventions, until Thursday, February 16 at 23:59 EST.

Members who have already submitted their nominations do not need to re-submit.

Please click here to complete the nomination form then submit it to vote@cmg.ca by Thursday, February 16, if you are interested  in representing CMG at the CWA Canada Convention and at other union meetings.

There will be a membership-wide vote to select the delegates, to be held from Tuesday, February 21 through to Friday, February 24 at 23:59 EST.

The term of the elected delegates will last until the end of 2024.

Our apology

At our previous meeting, the CMG NEC had decided to choose only 7 delegates for the CWA Canada NRC in April and other CWA conventions.

This decision was based on a past practice of not wanting to unnecessarily outnumber the other locals at the CWA Canada table.

But given the significance of the upcoming CWA Canada meeting, we believe it will be important to have as broad a representation of our membership as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience the change in timelines may cause you.

CMG National Executive Committee

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