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Candidates’ Biogs for 2016 CBC Branch Vice-President

Here are the biographical notes for the two CMG members seeking the position of CBC Branch Vice-President

John O’Connor

My name is John O’Connor and I am running for the vacant Vice-President position on the CBC Branch Executive Committee.

I have been an active union member for over 15 years both locally and nationally. I am a member of the National Grievance committee and have been for the past 10 years I was also a member of the Negotiating Committee during the 2008 round of bargaining.

I am a firm believer in the value of a strong public broadcaster and I am very concerned with the direction that we are headed. We need to advocate for a change in direction and the restoration of our ability to produce quality Canadian programming for Canadians. Allowing ourselves to become another distributor of purchased programming is the path to irrelevance and I believe our ultimate demise.

A single vote can change things. Please take the time to vote in the upcoming election, you can make a difference.

Thank You

Jonathan Spence

Feeling disconnected from your union? Wondering what the union leadership is doing? Wondering why more information isn’t shared about issues that matter to you?

I want to change that. You deserve union leadership at the Canadian Media Guild’s CBC Branch that will encourage openness and engagement with members.

You deserve leadership that fosters communication with CMG members first — and management second.

I have been on numerous committees and held several elected positions at all levels of the Canadian Media Guild.

I’ve served as the Treasurer on the National Executive Committee, as the CBC Branch’s Treasurer, as a member of the Toronto location unit’s Temporary Employees Committee, and the CBC Branch’s National Grievance Committee, among other roles.

The positions I’ve held have provided me with the policy, financial, and grievance-process experience needed to lead the CBC Branch of the Canadian Media Guild.

When called upon, the Vice-President needs to serve in the role of President if need be.

The focus of my leadership will be to:

• Foster communications with and engage with members first

• Communicate in a straightforward manner regularly so you understand what’s happening at all levels of the Guild

• Widen the circle of decision-makers on key CMG committees with CBC management

• Encourage democratic decision making within our union

Over the last ten years, the CBC Branch of the Canadian Media Guild has invested a great deal in a relationship with CBC management. It’s time that the union’s leadership reinvest in our relationship with CMG members.

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