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CMG National and Branch executive committee positions filled

Positions filled: National Director of Francophone Affairs,  Director – SRC West (Manitoba and West) and  Vice-President, Canadian Press Branch

Nominations have now closed for the vacancies on the National Executive Committee (NEC), the CBC Branch Executive and The Canadian Press Branch Executive. For each position there was only one candidate and therefore, they are all elected by acclamation.

Congratulations to the new officers:

National Director of Francophone Affairs on the NEC:  Etienne Dumont of CBC Edmundston, NB

Director – SRC West (that part of Canada, west of the Ontario-Manitoba border):  Saida Ouchaou-Ozarowski of CBC Vancouver

Vice-President, Canadian Press Branch:   Mary Jo Laforest of CP Edmonton

The new officers will serve until the end of the current terms in December 2016.

For more information, contact CMG (info@cmg.ca) at 1-800-465-4149 or 416-591-5333.

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