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Election for Director, SRC East to be held February 3-4

As we announced early in December, we are holding a new election for the position of Director, SRC East on the CBC Branch Executive Council (BEC). The online vote will take place Thursday February 3 and Friday February 4.

Following the close of elections on December 2, the Guild’s National Elections Committee received complaints and an official challenge. A misunderstanding on the intent of the CBC Branch bylaws had led to the creation of an incorrect voters list. The intent of those bylaws was to limit the list of eligible voters to only those Guild members in the region (i.e. Ontario and all provinces east of Ontario) who work for French Services.

After careful review, the committee declared the election null and void and recommended that a new vote be held. A new voters list has been prepared; your name will be on that list only if you are listed in the Corporation’s database as working for French Services.

If you wish to check whether you’re on the list in advance of the voting period, or if you have any other questions, please contact us via e-mail at vote@cmg.ca .

You will need your nine-digit Guild identification number to participate in the vote. If you don’t have your number, please write to vote@cmg.ca as soon as possible and we will get it to you in advance of the voting period.

Marc-Philippe Laurin
President, CBC/Radio-Canada Branch

Keith Maskell
CMG Staff Representative
for the National Elections Committee

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