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Guild by-elections at CBC to be held November 27-30

Members of the Canadian Media Guild at CBC will be voting in two by-elections to be held November 27-30 to fill two vacancies on the union’s national executive at the CBC.
The candidates are:

For President, CBC Branch:
Pierre Claveau, French TV, Vancouver
Marc-Philippe Laurin, French radio, Ottawa
Barbara Saxberg, English radio, Toronto

For Secretary, CBC Branch:
Kathryn Atkinson-Horgan, English TV, Toronto
Gail Young, Media Sales & Marketing, Toronto

Candidates have been invited to send bios and campaign information for the CMG website. Please check back later this week at www.cmg.ca to learn more about the candidates before you vote.

The vote will be done using our secure online voting system. Because of the lengthy voting period and ease of access to the online system, no advance or absentee balloting will take place. Guild members around the world will be able to use the same system, providing they have Internet access.

You will also be able to vote in the TNG Canada referendum on the creation of a new Canadian Region for CWA at the same time. More information on the referendum, and what it means to you, will follow shortly.

To participate in the election, you need to be a member in good standing of the CMG and know your nine-digit CMG membership ID number. This number is located on your plastic wallet card. If you don’t have a card or have misplaced your card or number, please contact the Guild office (via e-mail only, please ? no phone calls) at vote@cmg.ca; we will verify your identity and eligibility and give you your number.

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