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How to vote in the CMG national elections November 13-15

All Canadian Media Guild members in good standing have the right to vote in the national elections, which will take place online from November 13 to 15.

There is one position up for election on the Guild’s National Executive Committee:

Vice-President (candidates are Scott Edmonds of The Canadian Press and Kenn Sunley of CBC)

Voters will also select three Trustees. The five candidates are Kerry B. Adams, Anu Dawit-Kanna, Jonathan Spence, Christina Sorensen and Gail Young.

Click here to find out more about the candidates.

The election will be conducted using our online voting system. To be able to vote you will need your nine-digit CMG identification number, which is on your CMG wallet card. If you don’t have your number, please contact the Guild office at vote2007@cmg.ca ; we will verify your identity and give you your number. During the voting period, you can visit the Guild’s website (www.cmg.ca) and follow the onscreen prompts to make your choices.

Click here if you work at CBC.

Click here if you work at S-VOX.

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