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Results of the CMG national elections

Here are the results from the national elections, conducted November 13 to 15:

NEC Vice-President:
Scott Edmonds 313 (elected)
Kenn Sunley 207

National Trustees:
Christina Sorensen 314 (elected)
Jonathan Spence 277 (elected)
Gail Young 272 (elected)
Kerry B. Adams 232
Anu Dawit-Kanna 176

CBC Branch VP:
Elaine Janes 257 (elected)
John O’Connor 120
Corey Martin 109

CBC Branch Director, Education & Mobilization:
Kaveri Bittira 233 (elected)
Gail Young 182
Don Flatt 48

CBC Branch Secretary:
Barbara Saxberg 359 (elected)
Christina Sorensen 118

CBC Branch Director, Prairies:
Gaynette Spafford 70 (elected)
Kenn Sunley 43

S-VOX Branch President:
Rob VanSickle 21 (elected)
Marie Lofranco 11

S-VOX Branch Vice-President:
Christopher Beesley 20 (elected)
Cecilia Konney 11

Click here for a complete list of the incoming executive committee members, including those who were acclaimed. They will take office on January 1, 2008.

We would like to thank all members who put their names forward in the election and who took part in the vote.

For more information, write to Keith Maskell (keith@cmg.ca).

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