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Run to lead the Guild’s Canadian parent union

Nominations are now being accepted for the positions of Director and Deputy Director of CWA/SCA Canada, the Guild’s parent union. Director is a full-time position, similar to that of national president of CMG. Deputy director is a volunteer position. Both terms are four years. CWA/SCA Canada’s national office is located in Ottawa.

Click here for the official election notice.

The deadline for nominations is 12 noon on Thursday May 12. You can download a nomination form at

The election will be held by mail-in ballot between June 2 and June 23. Members in good standing of the CMG, meaning those who are currently paying dues and have signed a membership card, will receive ballots at their homes. If your home address has changed in the last year, please email the change as soon as possible ? and no later than May 6 ? to membership@cmg.ca.

If you don’t receive a ballot by June 2, please contact the CWA/SCA Canada office at info@cwa-scacanada.ca or call 1-877-486-4292 or 613-820-9777.

For more information on the election, please visit www.cwa-scacanada.ca.

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