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See who’s running for Guild office – and which positions still need candidates

The nomination period for all positions on the Guild’s National Executive Committee and for most positions on the Branch Executive Councils is now closed. The nomination period has been extended to Thursday October 21 at 5 pm ET for the 17 positions that do not yet have candidates.

To be confirmed, a candidate must be eligible and the national office must have received the original nomination form. All confirmed candidates are listed on the website in GREEN. Names listed in ORANGE are provisional candidates for whom the office has received electronic versions of the forms but not the originals. The Guild’s election committee reserves the right to withdraw these candidates from consideration if their original forms aren’t received at the national office before the voting begins.

Nominations are now closed for all positions which have at least one candidate, confirmed or provisional. Where a confirmed candidate is the only candidate for a position, he/she is declared elected by acclamation (listed in RED).

Click here to see the list of candidates for election, candidates who are elected by acclamation and positions still open for nomination.

The nomination period for positions with no candidates is being extended until Thursday, October 21 at 5 pm Eastern Time. Nomination forms with original signatures must be received by that date and time; no further extensions will be granted.

Elections for the contested positions will take place during the week of November 29.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at keith@cmg.ca .

Keith Maskell
for the National Elections Committee

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