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The results of the CMG national and branch elections

The following are the official results of the 2010 CMG National and Branch elections. These officers will take their new positions on January 1, 2011. Click here to view the full list of elected candidates.

~National Executive Committee~

Carmel Smyth 644
David Hawkins 374

Lise Lareau 862
Jon Soper 184

Director of New Members
Michael Santianni 625
Jack Vethaak 176

~Canadian Press Branch~

Lise Millette 32
Nelson Sergerie 25

~CBC Branch~

Marc-Philippe Laurin 563
Elaine Janes 356

Carrie May 389
Annick Forest 365
John O’Connor 143

Andreas Wesley 475
Bruce Arculus 292

Director, SRC East
Chantal Payant 66
Xavier Brassard-B?dard 40

Director, Small Locations
Terry LeDrew 73
Michael Robert 51

Director, Ontario
Dian Duthie 146
Jack Vethaak 30

~Delegates, union conferences/conventions~

The following candidates are elected:
Lise Lareau: 755
Marc-Philippe Laurin: 633
Barbara Saxberg: 560
Carrie May: 472
David Hawkins: 454
Jon Soper: 431
Michelle Cho: 415
Scott Edmonds: 366

The remaining candidates will serve as alternates :
Dominique Delisle: 362
Harry Mesh: 343
Ing Wong Ward: 337
Andreas Wesley: 296
Ka Yan Ng: 248
Lou DeBellis: 212

Thank you to all candidates and to all members who participated in the vote. For more information, write to keith@cmg.ca or call 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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