Welcome to our corner! Reprezentin’ is the first-born of the Guild’s new National Committee on Human Rights and Equity. We’ve got some new faces, big ideas, and a new track on the HR & E beat. Together, we hope to bring forward a new sense of community among all members of the CMG.

Our committee’s mandate touches a lot of the same issues as other parts of the union: hirings, wages, job security, promotions, and all the working conditions in between. But we have a different angle. We’re the motley crew reprezentin’ Guild members who face extra hurdles just because of race, gender, dis/ability, sexuality or age.

But let’s get real… it’s all about staying human. In the cut n’ thrust of the media industry, it’s too easy to lose ourselves in the chase and forget that we move further ahead by working together, than by battling alone.

Reprezentin’ connects two important struggles in Canada’s history. The first is that of media unions – formed by people standing up on the job and saying

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