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Factual/Reality TV Complaint Form

The confidential form below allows you to report workplace issues in the Factual and Reality TV industry to the Canadian Media Guild.

By sharing information with  us about specific problems, we can get a broader sense of what’s going on and work on solutions that will benefit the entire industry.

If there are several complaints against a single production, we will recommend ways people may work together to get the issue resolved.  In some cases, it may be best to complain to Ontario’s Ministry of Labour and we will help you do that.

We have designed the form so that you can report anonymously, but a name and contact information make it easier for us to follow-up with you.  We promise to keep these forms confidential.

We encourage you to report cases involving:

–  pay problems (not getting promised pay, not getting pay for all hours worked)

–  health and safety (e.g. accidents, near-accidents, unsafe conditions)

–  excessive hours, little rest time between shifts, no rest days

–  any other contractual non-compliance

–  no contract at all

This is a voluntary effort on the part of the CMG’s Fairness in Factual TV Campaign, and while we will act in good faith, we cannot promise a binding or formal resolution to issues brought forward.

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