Accueil / Élections de la Guilde 2020 – Profil de la candidate : Jann Shreve

Élections de la Guilde 2020 – Profil de la candidate : Jann Shreve

My name is Jann Shreve. I’ve been with the CBC for four years in various departments and I have some very strong ideas about what the CBC and CMG can do better when it comes to social justice. My time as an Administrative Specialist had me well versed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. I then moved to the News department, working in a control room. That has opened my eyes to many human rights and social justice issues that are within the CBC and it motivated me to want to be part of the change from within, starting with joining the DiversifyCBC ERG.

I’ve always been outspoken about equality and representation. Activism was part of my childhood and is in my blood. I want to work towards accountability and training to do more than simply raising awareness to issues but to bring practical and applicable solutions; correcting past, outdated procedures and policies and instead, focusing on intersectional equality and inclusion. I’m ready to go to bat for anyone who’s been made to feel othered, unseen or underrepresented.

Being Director of Human Rights and Equity offers an opportunity to continue to fight to change the culture of the CBC and CMG making them more inclusive, and free of harassment and discrimination.

Now that the discussion of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, sexism, and various other forms of discrimination, micro-agressions and hate speech have become a focus of conversation and inspiration for change, I want to be the driving force behind doing the work it takes to issue in real change by emphazising the importance of following through with action after awareness is raised and shifting the perspective to widen the scope so we are sure to include those of us who don’t feel seen or protected by the current policies and procedures in place that our organizations have been relying on.

“So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise” – Malcolm X

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