Accueil / Les articles sur les compressions à Radio-Canada et la campagne pour un diffuseur public en santé

Les articles sur les compressions à Radio-Canada et la campagne pour un diffuseur public en santé

The Globe and Mail: Jeffrey Simpson:
Let Parliament write the CBC’s script

The Toronto Star – Letter –  CBC needed now more than ever

Le Droit – Martin Théberge – Pour un Radio-Canada fort partout au pays

The Toronto Star – Barry Kiefl:
Hubert Lacroix must fight for CBC – or resign

Le Monde’s Marc-Olivier Bherer : Radio Canada, victime de
l’allergie à la dépense publique

Globe and Mail’s Simon Houpt – CBC ‘in peril’ if funding
cuts not reversed, former board members say

Le Devoir’s Philippe Orfali : Graham Fraser n’écarte aucune option

Commissioner of Official Languages Urges the Federal
Government and CBC to keep in Mind its Duties with
Regard to Official Language Communities

Nine former CBC Board members – Future of CBC Radio-Canada
(letter to current CBC Board)

Neuf anciens membres du c.a. de Radio-Canada
– Avenir Radio-Canada/CBC (lettre au c.a. actuel de Radio-Canada)

The Peak – Adam Van der Zwan – How to save the CBC
– Our national public broadcaster has never been closer to collapsing.
Here’s how we can keep it alive

Lambert Express – Pierre-Léon Lafrance– Ça va faire !

CBC – Enough is enough, a first-person account

Pierre Asselin Le Soleil – Panique à Radio-Canada

CMG – Taking Stock – Testimony from the
Canadian Media Guild (CMG) – CBC/Radio-Canada cuts on the ground

Dr. Wade Rowland – CBC President Hubert Lacroix
Should Face the Music

The Toronto Star – CBC is foolish to separate news from culture:

La Tribune ( –  Radio-Canada: l’offre
«télévisuelle de nouvelles régionales sera réduite»

Peter H. Miller – Canadian Television Environmental Scan 2014

Former CBC President Tony Manera
– Proceedings of the Standing
Senate Committee on Transport and Communications
– Testimony by former CBC president

Ekos –The End of the CBC? Public Wisdom on the CBC, hockey,
and Sochi (with a polling thought exercise)

40 journalists protest reported plans to close down
documentary team at CBC

Huffington Post – Radio-Canada: Nous aussi nous
sommes inquiets (lettre de jeunes de moins de
35 ans venus de tous horizons)

Le Devoir – Nous sommes inquiets
(lettre de journalistes de Radio-Canada)

Globe and Mail’s Kate Taylor – Here’s what
Jim Flaherty should do with those billions
from the spectrum auction

Deloitte study: CBC contributes $3.7B to economy

BBC’s Daniel Wilson – Public and Private Broadcasters
across the World
– The Race to the Top

Reuters Institute for the Study of journalism
– Is there Still a Place for Public Service Television?
Effects of the Changing Economics of Broadcasting

Marion Ménard – CBC/Radio-Canada: Overview and key issues

Nordicity – Analysis of Government Support for
Public Broadcasting and other Culture in Canada

Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage
– CBC/Radio-Canada – Defining Distinctiveness
in the changing media landscape:


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