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About CMG Freelance

The Canadian Media Guild welcomes freelance media and information professionals, producers, technicians, craftspeople and creative workers from all areas of broadcasting, print, digital, audio visual and web media, marketing, communications, interpretation, translation, IT, entertainment, research and journalism.

CMG’s Freelance Branch
Our freelance members enjoy direct political representation within the CMG through the Freelance Branch. A democratically elected executive of freelance members works together to provide leadership and contribute expertise to help improve the work, professional and home lives of fellow freelancers. Find out who is on our  Freelance Branch Executive . 

20 years representing freelancers
CMG represents freelancers who contribute and create content for CBC/Radio Canada under our long-standing collective agreement with the public broadcaster. The Freelance Branch and CMG staff have consistently worked to improve conditions for freelancers and garner respect for their contributions from peers and engagers. We offer excellent resources, services and supports to freelancers.

Over the years the CMG has made crucial gains on intellectual property ownership and licensing issues (see CBC Freelance Contributors-contract clause ).

Our track record backing freelancers is unmatched. With this solid foundation we are inviting freelancers who work in all types of media to join CMG Freelance.

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