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Welcome New Member!

Thank you for joining the Canadian Media Guild, and adding your professional presence to more than 6000 media, creative, knowledge, IT and communications sector workers nationwide. 

This is your official confirmation of member registration and receipt of payment. 

We look forward to serving you and collaborating toward quality work, as well as more sustainable work and home lives for freelancers.

We will send you an email within five business days with your CMG member number and details on how you may access our services and supports.

In the meantime, we would like to schedule a phone or Skype meeting to find out more about you, your work and how we might help with any questions or needs you may have. 

Please write to me at datejie@cmg.ca or call 1-800-465-4149 with your next available times so we can coordinate.

In solidarity,

datejie cheko green
Freelance Organizer
The Canadian Media Guild


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