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I was surprised to see this week that several prominent Conservatives floated the question of CBC funding. One survey asked whether the money Ottawa spends on CBC was “good”or”bad” value. It’s a troubling question for anyone who supports public broadcasting. Small surveys by renegade politicians might not support the official party line, but when our office sent a questionnaire on support for the provincial public broadcasters TVO & TFO to candidates in the provincial election, the provincial Conservatives did not answer at all.

UPDATE: Last night we received a response from a single PC candidate, leader Tim Hudak, who sent a letter on Wednesday evening, just before he appeared on TVO’s Agenda. Here’s how he answered our ten questions:

Thank you for your survey about TVO and TFO and for the opportunity to tell you more about the change we’re proposing for Ontario families.
I have firsthand experience with TVO and the quality broadcasting you deliver. As you know, I have appeared on TVO programs many times, both before and after becoming Ontario PC Leader. I also enjoy watching TVO programming with my family.
In changebook, we’ve set three priorities: Change to put more money in your pocket, change to guarantee the services you need, and change to clean up government. These are difficult but important choices that we made only after listening to literally thousands of families from every corner of Ontario.
On October 6th, Ontario families will face a clear choice. They will choose four more years of Dalton McGuinty raising their taxes, wasting their money, and never standing up for the things we believe in; or they will choose change with an Ontario PC government.
To read more about the change we’re proposing for Ontario families, I encourage you to visit www.changebook.ca
Tim Hudak

Liberal, NDP and Green party candidates have been supportive of funding for TVO and TFO. To quote a Green : “would love to see more of Ontario shown off”. We agree. Just another reason to question your candidates before casting your vote.

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