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A quick update from your Guild executive.

So far we’ve filed three grievances dealing with the March layoffs/creation of new jobs. Two of the three have been referred to arbitration, and the third may be referred within the next week or so. Arbitration is a “quasi-judicial” process, meaning that an independent arbitrator, sort of like a judge, will examine the evidence and arguments presented by the Guild and S-VOX, and make a determination. We are still prepared to look at all possible options for settlement, but we will go all the way through the arbitration process if we have to in order to ensure that the people affected in this round of layoffs, as well as in any future job reductions or changes, are treated fairly.

As you may know, the collective agreement contains a commitment by both sides to Job Evaluation (JE); that is, reviewing job descriptions and pay rates. One of the first and most important steps in that process is to try to make sure that job descriptions properly reflect what you do and what’s expected of you. Since last August we’ve been asking S-VOX management to send around the most recent job descriptions to initiate the process. This is necessary for every job, but particularly for the Traffic Coordinators as well as the new Preditors and Packaging Editor. The current plan is that you’ll have the chance to review your job description during your next performance management meeting. You and your supervisor will review and comment on the job description. These comments will then be used to help the JE committee in reviewing the pay rates.

Your CMG executive will continue to follow developments in the broadcast industry closely. When changes occur that might affect Guild members at S-VOX, we will do whatever we can to protect and defend your interests.

Feel free to contact any of us anytime.

Rob VanSickle, president
Christopher Beesley, vice-president
Marie Lofranco, secretary/treasurer

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