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A Word from CMG President, Annick Forest

This past weekend, I joined our CBC siblings in Muskoka for the CBC Presidents’ Council. 

I appreciated the opportunity to hear your stories and perspectives on how you and your colleagues at locations and bureaus across the country experience the unique challenges in accessing safety amidst wildfires, healthcare resources for those of you who are based in remote regions and those of you who continue navigating increased workloads with fewer team members to do the work. 

Whether we are navigating access to remote work accommodations for personal needs or access to funds for healthcare not available in the communities where we work, it is by standing together as union members that we can see the changes we need in our workplaces.

One of the things that came out of meeting with all of you, is the importance of documenting the work that you do to help Canadians better understand how media workers contribute to maintaining a democratic society. Stay tuned for more details.

I’m here for you, and I want to hear from you. What is your experience like on the floor? What challenges are you facing? What opportunities do you see? You can always reach me at president@cmg.ca and I am happy to hop on a call with you or visit your locations. 

Mentorship union leaders gave me when I became a steward at Radio-Canada encouraged me to engage in subsequent roles including Vancouver Location President, CBC Branch National Grievance Committee, CBC Bargaining Committee, and eventually CMG President. 

I invite you as the leaders and aspiring union leaders of your workplaces to engage your new and existing siblings in union matters. Remind them to take their breaks, invite them to location meetings, and encourage them to become involved as union friendlies and not to forget to sign their union cards.

Stronger together! United we win!

In solidarity, Annick Forest

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