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A word of caution about the Rubin investigation

Members have contacted us seeking advice about the Rubin investigation. We understand that Janice Rubin is about to begin a series of interviews with CMG members as part of the investigation into the situation involving Jian Ghomeshi.

CMG is strongly supportive of an independent investigation into this issue and our view is that to be truly beneficial, this investigation needs to be fully independent and as open and transparent as possible.

We do not want to in any way discourage participation in Ms. Rubin’s investigation, but we have some concerns:

-CBC has told us that Ms. Rubin will be recording her interviews. However, participants will not be allowed to make their own recordings, obtain a copy of Ms. Rubin’s recordings or a transcript of the interview until the investigation is completed and findings made.

-We’ve also been informed Ms. Rubin’s recordings may however be provided to CBC management and relied on by management to discipline the employee being interviewed. CMG has been unable to receive assurances against self-incrimination, and cautions that the contents of these interviews could be used as the basis for disciplining the person making the statements. While we believe firmly that evidence of wrong-doing should be investigated and necessary measures taken as required, no employee should be put in a position of exposing themselves to discipline based on information they themselves have provided. Please note that CMG members do have the right to be accompanied by a union staff representative at these interviews.

-Also, we have been unable to receive assurances that the complete findings or the recommendations of the investigator will be shared with employees. CBC has told us that what will be provided to employees is a high-level “overview” of the findings and recommendations.

If you have any questions please contact CMG senior Staff Rep Dan Oldfield (dan@cmg.ca)

Marc-Philippe Laurin
President, CMG Branch at CBC

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