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Agreement reached on protocol for coverage of next federal election

The Guild and management of The Canadian Press have worked out a “protocol” for covering the next federal election, anticipated this fall.

It is less complex than previous protocols and deviates very little from the collective agreement provisions.

Staff will be compensated by the book for all work performed. The primary change is in how overtime will be compensated ? time vs. money. But all hours worked will be tracked and counted at the appropriate overtime rate ? time and a half or double time.

Management’s key concern was predictability in cash outlay; the protocol limits the total amount of cash the company will pay in overtime for election coverage to $50,000.

We’ve consulted several times over the last few months with reporters and photographers who are veteran road warriors, to ensure we had a workable agreement.

We ask you to please read the protocol carefully (link below) so you understand what your rights are, and what management can and cannot ask of you during a campaign. For example, no one can be booked off in advance of earning overtime. If this happens, the Guild wants to know about it immediately.

NOTE that the protocol only applies to reporters on a leader’s tour bus/plane. All other reporter/editors assigned to federal election coverage in their bureau city will work under the regular provisions of the collective agreement.

Remember: reporter/editors who normally have their hours averaged, if they are assigned to election coverage, come out of averaging for the period of the assignment. Averaging provisions are suspended even if a reporter is assigned for only one day.

Click here to read the full protocol.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kathy Viner (kathy@cmg.ca) at the Guild office at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149 or Terry Pedwell or Scott Edmonds.

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