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Bargaining at Shaw Media begins tomorrow!

Your CMG bargaining committee will meet with Shaw management tomorrow, Tuesday, March 11 to begin discussions to renew our collective agreement.

After a series of meetings to prepare, and upon reviewing the results of the bargaining survey, we have identified the following priorities for this round:

–      Fair compensation and benefits that recognize the value of the work that we do
–      Ensuring our knowledge and skills evolve with the changing industry
–      Improving communications, including making sure we know the clear expectations of our jobs and how to advance our careers
–      Introducing measures that help improve our work-life balance

We will keep you informed throughout the bargaining process, and will hold membership meetings to discuss issues with you.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to talk to any one of us with questions, comments or concerns.

Your bargaining committee:
Karen Graham (karen_graham@hotmail.com)
Craig Jasman (craig@jasman.ca)
Sherisse White (sherissewhite@hotmail.com)
Karen Wirsig, Staff representative (karen@cmgca)
Terri Monture, Staff representative (terri@cmg.ca)

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