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Bargaining resumes at TVO

After the membership resoundingly rejected TVO’s proposal to extend the collective agreement to the end of this year – with a 2% increase and no improvements, your Bargaining Committee went back to the table today in an attempt to get a better agreement.

Talks are cordial, and we did clear some non-monetary and housekeeping items from the table, but we need to come to agreement around several issues, not the least of which is the inclusion of our membership into the hybrid pension plan. We also discussed revisiting job descriptions, and the Authority understands the need for clarification in the job descriptions.

We have another meeting scheduled for July 30 and we will report on our progress at that point.

Your Bargaining Committee:

Christine Lee
Liane Kotler
Mike Fitzgerald
David Hawkins
Gregg Thurlbeck
Terri Monture, CMG Staff Representative

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