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Call for delegates – 2020 CMG Convention

The CMG 2020 biennial convention will be held in Toronto at the end of May – from Friday, May 29 to Sunday, May 31, 2020.

Every two years, about 200 Canadian Media Guild (CMG) members from across the country get together to review CMG priorities, see what we can do better, and set our union’s direction for the next two years.

The Canadian Media Guild has 5,000 members across the country, in more than a dozen media companies. Members at APTN, The Canadian Press/PMNA, CBC/Radio-Canada, Thomson Reuters, TFO, TVO, Vice, ZoomerMedia, and CBC/Radio-Canada Freelance Branch, will have a chance to meet each other and help plan the union’s future priorities.

The theme of our convention this year is #StrongerTogether to reflect what we can achieve when we stand in solidarity with one another as media workers, and as part of the broader labour movement.

Members of Branch executives and Location Unit presidents are all automatic delegates to the convention, along with the CMG National Executive Committee members. Other interested volunteers who would like to attend will be elected as delegates in their Location Units, or in their Branches where there are no Location Units.

Additional delegate allocations for the 2020 Convention are available here.

To be a candidate in the delegate elections, please submit your name to your Location Unit or Branch executives by Friday, March 6 at 5 p.m. ET.

To find your Location Unit or Branch executive contact information, go to www.cmg.ca (Contacts).  
Each Location Unit or Branch may also send additional non-voting delegates (observers). Check with a member of the CMG executive at your workplace if you would like to attend as an observer.

Your release and all expenses are paid by the union when you attend the convention. You will receive instructions on completing travel and release forms once the delegate election process has been completed.

For any questions, please write to Convention2020@cmg.ca

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