Call for Respect

The CMG CBC Branch Executive, on behalf of thousands of media workers and journalists at CBC and Radio-Canada, mourns and condemns the loss of life and escalating suffering in Gaza and Israel in recent months.  In particular, we find the attacks on journalists working in the region to be egregious.

We also implore and remind our journalists working to cover these difficult and emotional stories in newsrooms across Canada and the world to hold space for each other’s perspectives and views.

Recently, there have been reports of CBC/RC journalists facing anger and accusations around this subject not just from members of the public, but within their own newsrooms and between colleagues.

We want to remind each other that covering violence is not the same thing as condoning it, and we must work together to share our perspectives and experiences without fear of repercussions.

Respect in our workplaces and across perspectives is key for our newsrooms across Radio-Canada and CBC, and we should trust that our friends and colleagues in every Canadian newsroom are working together to cover this difficult story as it evolves.

Should you require assistance or support for this or any other union related matter, please reach out to your local CMG staff rep, or an elected union official in your area.

Thank you for supporting one another.

CBC Branch Executive Committee

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