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Campaigns to oppose Bill C-60 spring up across the country

Since Bill C-60 was tabled on April 29, clauses that give the current federal government, or any future government, new powers (from Section 89.8) to sit at the table when employees at Crown corporations, including the CBC, are negotiating their working conditions have drawn great attention and opposition.

The unprecedent new powers would allow the Harper government to muzzle the public broadcaster by stripping away measures that protect the independence of CBC journalism. This attempt by a government to control the biggest news organization in Canada has raised serious concerns, and there are now several campaigns underway to oppose this new Conservative attack on workers’ rights and the CBC:


Sending a message to Finance Minister Flaherty


Sending a message to the MPs who will be reviewing the Bill at the Finance Committee.

A vaaz.org

Days to free the CBC

– Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Free CBC from political interference


We will keep you posted on developments.



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