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Canada Press Freedom Project

Dear CWA Canada member,

As part of our ongoing fight to protect press freedom, our union has been a strong supporter of the Canada Press Freedom Project (CPFP) since it was launched by J-Source in 2022.


The CPFP tracks press freedom violations across 12 categories, from denials of access to arrests, online threats and more. It is also developing resources to help media workers, students, educators and more understand and navigate threats to or violations of their rights.

In order to succeed, the project needs the support of media workers like you. If you are aware of any threats to press freedom in Canada, please use the following easily accessible tools:

The CPFP also wants to work with media workers to increase their understanding of their rights. If you are interested in a written resource explaining a specific set of legal rights or are seeking answers to questions about media rights in a specific situation that would assist you and your communities and wish to collaborate with us, contact CPFP staff through the website or by emailing: cpfp@j-source.ca

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