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CBC/Radio-Canada Bargaining Update

The bargaining team pushed through very long days this week, in an effort to find agreements on a variety of outstanding workplace issues on our agenda.  The union and management agreed to keep our focus on those active discussions to see them through.  Therefore compensation will be the main topic in the week of February 20.

We had productive discussions on issues affecting some of our Technology & Infrastructure members, to address the longstanding Maintenance & IT Compensation Review, and support for T&I members who regularly work more than 5 consecutive days. We also discussed a way to assist members who may need medical travel & live in the far North and remote locations.  Conversations took place on how various technologies, like Workday, impact us on the job. We are also working to ensure that previous agreements made between CMG & CBC continue to remain active.

Tuesday, February 20 will be a big day at negotiations, as we begin initial conversations on financial compensation. It’s the biggest concern identified in our membership survey, and we need to know that you are with us in spirit at the bargaining table. We are asking you to WEAR GREEN (the colour associated with money) on that day, in solidarity with your Bargaining Team. Please post a picture on social media of you & your coworkers, with the hashtag #CMGatCBC and #GCMàRC   The more of us in green, the stronger the message we send on what we need in these challenging times.

You can find some CMG  graphic elements you can use on your social media in this google drive. The sticker versions have been sent to your local, so ask your locally elected union officials for some.

The bargaining team will host another zoom town hall on Thursday, February 15 at 19:00 EST, to consult with members once more before compensation talks begin with management.  Please watch for an email with a meeting link that day, and let us know your thoughts. 

Currently our last scheduled day of negotiations is Friday, February 23, the date we are endeavouring to reach a tentative agreement that can then be shared with members for ratification consideration. Please show your support as we make a final push at the table.

In Solidarity,

CMG Bargaining Team at CBC/Radio-Canada,

Faith Fundal
Kat McMorrow
Saïda Ouchaou
Jagjit Panesar
Pauline Pemik
Jane Robertson
Naomi Robinson
Jonathan Spence
Matt Douglas, Sr. CMG Staff Rep
Marianne Malo Chenard, CMG Staff Rep

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