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CBC: Real Cuts – Real Consequences

With almost 400 more job losses being implemented this month, the total number of job cuts for this year alone rises to well over 1000.

Show your support for your CBC co-workers and demonstrate your commitment to your own work. Denounce these cuts and their effects.

In a show of solidarity, please wear an item of black clothing tomorrow, November 13.

Buttons in support of CBC are available from your CMG local president.

Remember to share your thoughts and photos on social media. Post a picture related to the impact of the cuts on your Facebook page. Tweet with the hashtag  #cbccuts and testify to your experience.

Download this sign to post at work, in a window at home, and in the various community-based spaces you frequent.

As we fight to stop more cuts, we will need the active help of friends, family, and supporters. Tell your community about the real consequences of the cuts for Canada’s public broadcaster.

We need your help in sharing what we have witnessed and experienced first-hand, and to say that we oppose the dismantling of the CBC. We need you to help communicate the real impacts these cuts are having.

These latest layoffs will be implemented by March 2015. CMG will make sure that members’ employment rights are respected. Please read our FAQ and contact the CMG office with any questions: info@cmg.ca or 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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