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CBC’s Independent Investigation

The CBC has announced that it has hired lawyer Janice Rubin of labour law firm Rubin Thomlinson to investigate the circumstances surrounding recent events at CBC Radio. We have requested and received assurances from CBC that members who take part in this process will be protected and won’t have to fear for their personal privacy or for their job. We have also sought assurances that the process will be voluntary and confidential.

The union is urging the CBC to treat any complaint raised through this process with the utmost care and respect, and consistently with our Collective Agreement. We also still have unanswered questions about the extent of the investigation, how a variety of complaints that may arise will be dealt with, and whether the investigation will address efforts to change the culture to encourage early reporting.

As you know CMG has zero tolerance for bullying and harassment and clear protocols on how to handle complaints. Regrettably, we are aware these processes sometimes aren’t enough, and can be improved. We need your help to make our workplaces safe and harassment-free. And you will be hearing more from us the weeks ahead as we try to make progress on this front.

Marc Philippe Laurin
CMG/CBC President

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