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CMG activists honoured

Three CMG activists were honoured by their colleagues this weekend at the CBC presidents council meeting.

Christina Mayo (St. John’s) took top honours


“It is not a single event that Christina should be recognized for but a body of work that continues to grow and flourish in support of CBC staff and CMG.”


Honourable mentions were of Edmonton’s Marianne Malo-Chenard (Edmonton)  and Tony Germin (Toronto)

“Marianne’s perseverance in dealing with member issues and her calm, fair manner as well as her care and compassion are appreciated. And her wonderfully cooperative, engaging and inclusive nature makes her an example for all of us.”


Tony Germin - CBC2015


“Tony works selflessly for the well-being of members and spends countless hours relentlessly pursuing answers to issues impacting members. Tony’s work at the local level especially during these time of constant change has not gone unnoticed.”

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