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CMG: Bargaining unit defined at VisionTV

The CMG and VisionTV have issued the following joint statement:

Further to the interim certification order of the Canada Industrial Relations Board (“CIRB”), representatives of VisionTV and the Canadian Media Guild (“CMG”) have met on a number of occasions to discuss the appropriate bargaining unit for VisionTV. It has been agreed by the parties that the bargaining unit will include all employees with the exception of those acting in a managerial or confidential capacity and casual employees. This agreement will be confirmed by the CIRB within the next few days.

Both VisionTV and CMG will be arranging for meetings in the near future with all management and employees to discuss next steps in this process. VisionTV and CMG look forward to working with all staff to ensure a smooth transition to this new relationship.

If you have any questions please contact on behalf of VisionTV Manager of Human Resources Sheri Ellis (sellis@visiontv.ca) or CMG staff representative Keith Maskell (keith@cmg.ca).

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