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CMG deeply disappointed by CBC Management blame game

Carmel Smyth, National President for the Canadian Media Guild says she is deeply disappointed that CBC vice president, Heather Conway, has seen fit to assign blame in advance of an investigation that she herself commissioned into the Jian Ghomeshi matter.

“One would have thought there would be enough respect for the process that she’d have the patience to await the findings of the investigation,” said Smyth commenting on tonight’s remarks by Conway on CBC’s As It Happens and The National.

Smyth says Conway makes pained efforts to exonerate management and its handling of the matter, while at the same time singling out one element and publicly observing, “it was not well handled.” “Is this not specifically what the independent investigator has been engaged to determine?” Smyth asks. The real question is, what did CBC Management know and what did they do about it?



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