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CMG Exceptional Service Honour awarded to The Canadian Press Pension Team  

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) wishes to honour a dedicated team of five union members who helped revamp the company pension plan at The Canadian Press.

L-R: Terry Pedwell, Scott Edmonds, David Paddon, Mike Blanchfield, Craig Wong

This special award was created to recognize the unique contributions of Mike Blanchfield, Terry Pedwell, Craig Wong, David Paddon and Scott Edmonds, who spent the last fifteen years working on salvaging the company’s threatened pension plan.

We recognize the extraordinary contributions of time, skill and personal sacrifice this team made to secure a stable retirement program.

Some members of this team started working with management in 2005 on a solution to mounting solvency deficits threatening the very existence both of the employee pension plan and The Canadian Press itself.

Their determination led to government regulations that provided breathing room and a restructuring plan that made the plan more affordable.

A permanent solution was ushered in with the transfer of the Canadian Press pension plan in 2019 into the respected and significantly more stable College of Applied Arts and Technology multi-employer plan.

On behalf of CMG members at CP and of all the union family, I share my admiration and respect for the persistence and vision needed to complete this important work.

Well done.

Terry Pedwell was also awarded our union’s highest honour, the Canadian Media Guild’s Meritorious Service Award, this week.

Carmel Smyth,
President, Canadian Media Guild

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