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CMG expresses gratitude for Martin O’Hanlon’s leadership

The Canadian Media Guide (CMG) has honoured one of its longest serving volunteers and current President of CMG’s parent union CWA Canada, with a special award of appreciation. 

Long time Canadian Press reporter and former Ottawa bureau News Editor Martin O’Hanlon was one of the founding fathers of CMG and CWA Canada as we know them today. 

Along with members Arnold Amber and Scott Edmonds he supported the expansion of CMG from a small organization with 1,000 members to more than five thousand today.

O’Hanlon also helped lead CMG’s and CWA Canada’s move under the umbrella of the U.S-based Communications Workers of America. After Arnold Amber stepped down as CWA Canada’s first leader, O’Hanlon was elected President, and under his leadership CWA Canada gained autonomy within the CWA family while retaining historic links to the U.S. side of TNG/CWA.

This approach continues to provide CMG with financial security and access to millions of dollars for growth and support during labour disputes, such as the CBC lockout.

In addition to being a source of leadership and sage advice for several generations of activists and leaders within CWA Canada, O’Hanlon has built strong relationships with other Canadian unions.

He has also enhanced Canadian media’s global reputation by skillfully serving on the International Journalism Federation, where he continues to advocate for universal media issues including assisting journalists and other media workers in danger in countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine.

For all these reasons and more, the CMG shares our respect and gratitude for Martin O’Hanlon, for more than three decades of service, most of it as a volunteer.

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