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CMG-Islington Printing collective agreement now available

It’s been an unprecedented two years for media workers, juggling work under difficult circumstances and other Covid-19 related challenges.

The union continues working to ensure your health and safety are top priority, in addition to making improvements in the workplace.

We are happy to share the new collective agreement for CMG members at Islington Printing.
Print copies will also be mailed to members as soon as they are available.\

If you have a complaint or grievance, here is an easy step-by-step description of how we can help you:
Post Media Grievance Procedure.

Please also find here the grievance Fact Sheet.
It’s the form to be completed by members with workplace concerns, which will be reviewed by the staff representative to assess their case. It allows the capture of all the information needed to discuss your case thereafter.
Contact your staff representative to further discuss your concern after submitting the fact sheet to your branch representatives via email and/or julieanne@cmg.ca

If you have  not yet signed a union card, please do so, so  that we have updated contact information: Get your Membership Card | CMG

Thank you to the CMG-Islington Printing bargaining committee and your elected union volunteers for dedicating their personal time, energy and hard work to improving your workplace.    

Carmel Smyth
National president, CMG

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