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CMG members at BuzzFeed have ratified their first contract  

Canadian Media Guild (CMG) members at BuzzFeed have ratified their first collective agreement with the employer at 87.5%.  The deal, which was two years in the making, includes gains in pay and workplace protections, editorial independence provisions, as well as improvements in benefits and in hiring practices at BuzzFeed Canada.

Bargaining committee members and the entire unit worked hard and pulled together to get a contract that includes much needed improvements in working conditions, and forms a good foundation for their work with the company.

The three-year deal includes the following gains:

-A 3% salary increase over the duration of the agreement, and adjustments to fix current wage disparities
-A minimum of 5% increase upon promotion
-Improved benefits 
-Language for conversion to full time employment
-Provisions to protect members against harassment in the workplace
-Editorial independence provisions, including credit for all published work and right to withdraw byline
-Improved policies on overtime, vacation and leave
-Severance and recall rights, including for temporary employees
-Transparent hiring practices, and recruitment from underrepresented groups
-Improved union rights with regards to grievance and representation in the workplace

Congratulations to all BuzzFeed union members for this accomplishment!

The final agreement will be made available to members as soon as it is ready.

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