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CMG members at PMNA ratify new collective agreement

Your Bargaining committee would like to announce that CMG members at PMNA voted 84% to ratify the tentative agreement that was signed on March 14, 2018.

The main gains of the 3-year agreement include:

-New, higher salary scales for all classifications; lump-sum payments for those above the scale in each year of the agreement
-Automatic yearly salary step increases not dependent on management discretion
-New premium for all employees assigned to lead duties of $20 per shift
-$225 annual payment to part-time employees, who are not part of the extended benefits plan
-All employees (full-time and part-time) eligible for the Employee Assistance Plan and eye exam reimbursement
-New maternity leave top up: 100% of salary for one month for those who qualify for EI
-Probation period reduced to four months, or 640 hours worked
-New joint committee to be created

The new salary scales come into effect on ratification.

We will start the process of editing the collective agreement shortly, and the full document will be available online and in print as soon as this process is completed.

As a next step, we will set up the new joint committee as we continue working together to make PMNA a better workplace.

Your CMG bargaining committee:
Layla Bozich (layla.bozich@gmail.com)
Laura Godfrey (godfrey.lc@gmail.com)
Anna Maxymiw (a-maxymiw@rogers.com)
Madeline Smith, Alternate (madeline.ek.smith@gmail.com)
Olivier Roy, CMG Staff Representative (olivier@cmg.ca)
Karen Wirsig, CMG Staff Representative (karen@cmg.ca)

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