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CMG members overwhelmingly reject TVO’s latest offer and are ready to strike

Canadian Media Guild (CMG) members at TVO have spoken, providing a strong strike mandate to their bargaining team: 95.8% of members have rejected their employer’s latest offer and indicated they are ready to strike if necessary. This is a strong mandate. It does not mean we are currently on strike, nor have we set a date to walk out. We are still hoping to negotiate an agreement and avoid a strike. But our message to TVO and the Ford government is clear:

  1. We will not waive the rights of our education members to a permanent job. We reject your concessionary ask. We will not grant the waivers you are requesting of us. Not now, not ever.
  2. We deserve wage increases that reflect the economic state we are in. If there’s money to pay management increases at and above inflation, you can afford to pay workers a fair wage. The public sector should be fighting wealth inequality, not widening it by rewarding the top earners with the highest increases.
  3. TVO is a valuable public asset. The people who work there are dedicated public servants who consistently prove their worth telling the stories of Ontario. Journalism is fundamental to democracy and no place does long-form current affairs journalism like TVO.

Fund TVO like it matters, because it does!

For media inquiries, please contact TVO Branch President Meredith Martin (meredithmartinworks@gmail.com), Vice-President Cara Stern (carastern@gmail.com), or CMG Communications Director Jeanne d’Arc Umurungi (jeannedarc@cmg.ca)

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