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CMG monitoring COVID-19 impact on media workers

As a union representing members whose work can involve extended contact with the public, the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. The union is reaching out to employers to clarity health and safety procedures at all our workplaces.  We urge employers to make ensuring healthy workplaces the utmost priority.

CMG is also pressing employers to update in-house protocols on what members can do when they are ill, as some physicians are asking patients with flu-like symptoms not to come to clinics. In cases where these options are available we urge employers to consider teleworking, allowing work from home and flexible travel. We are also asking for fair treatment and pay if quarantined.

With regards to travel, please see Government of Canada travel advisories especially for travel to at-risk areas. A reminder that many travel agencies and airlines allow for the cancellation or postponement as a result of this situation.
For questions, please contact CMG Staff Rep Joël Tétreault (joel@cmg.ca) or the CMG national office: 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

In solidarity,
Carmel Smyth,
National President, Canadian Media Guild (CMG)

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