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Details on the sales restructuring process at CBC

After several meetings with CBC, we are now in a position to give you information about how the Corporation will proceed with its re-structuring of the sales jobs within the Revenue Group.

After CBC has determined the successful candidates for the new Integrated Account Leads classification, all employees in the former National Account Manager and Account Manager classifications will be notified that their jobs are redundant.  At this point, employees are free to declare that they do not wish to exercise their rights based on the workforce adjustment provisions of the collective agreement, and opt to be laid off with lay-off pay calculated at one (1) week’s salary for each four (4) months of continuous service.

Those who wish to be considered for redeployment or bumping into other jobs will be referred to the local joint employment planning committee process. The new Client Sales Support vacancies will be made available to former National Account Managers (assigned to the new job as Band 10s) and Account Managers based on seniority. The CBC will maintain the salary of former National Account Managers while they occupy the Client Sales Support job. Employees who are surplus as a result of that process will be considered for other work and ultimately may be subject to lay-off.
The CBC will also be re-posting the Integrated Account Leads jobs to indicate the location of the jobs rather than just the region.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Glenn Gray (glenn@cmg.ca) in the CMG national office.

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