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Employee wellbeing and working hours on the agenda at CBC negotiations

Last week at the negotiating table, we discussed working hours, overtime and employee wellbeing. Part of the focus of the discussions is to ensure the Corporation meets its obligations on working hours under the Canada Labour Code.

We also talked about ways to ensure members can record – and get compensated appropriately for – all the hours we work, as well as about scheduling and time off. These discussions are slated to continue when we return to the table the week of November 5.

Among other issues still to come in this round of negotiations are discussions about improving conditions for non-permanent employees, and our pay and benefits.

We are engaging in an interest-based bargaining process. That means both union and management lay out concerns and issues, we each identify our interests and then seek common ground to find solutions. Our conversations with management have been frank and honest so far, and we’re working hard to improve conditions in our workplaces.

As always, you can get in touch with the CMG bargaining committee at: http://www.cmg.ca/en/contact-our-cbc-bargaining-committee/

The CMG bargaining committee at CBC:

Sujata Berry
Carolyn Dunn
Stéphany Laperrière
Harry Mesh
Pierre Millette
Pauline Pemik
Naomi Robinson
Jonathan Spence
Olivier Desharnais-Roy, CMG Staff Representative
Karen Wirsig, CMG Staff Representative

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